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Liberte is a story-driven rogue-like game that takes place in an alternate-history, Lovecraftian version of the French Revolution. Play solo or Co-op and influence the fate of four unique factions in their clash for power.

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Explore the world inspired by the French Revolution. Top-down view, with atmospheric graphics that combine authentic Parisian architecture with a unique setting inspired by the cosmic horror genre.

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Morally ambiguous story

Each character has their own reason to fight. They might seek a personal vendetta, stand against the oppression of their people's traditions, or try to gain independent rulership. As one of the faction members, your actions are key to the success of the characters you help.

Unique character development

You'll build and nurture connections with powerful allies, each with unique voice acting and story arcs. You decide who deserves your support, and who will eventually become the martyr of the Revolution. Because remember - you ain't worth much when your blood is cold.

Strategical, AI-driven combat

Each faction is represented by two distinct types of enemies, who adapt to your combat style. Fight them off in narrow streets, escape into open spaces to gain the advantage, and win mini-games with the Parisian mob to gain additional boosts to help you succeed.

Horror-fueled visuals

Solve the mystery of a green infection that turns Parisians into mind-numbed monsters, infused by the spirits released during dark rituals. Drawing from Lovecraftian stories and movies, Liberte's nightmares will satisfy the horror-craving players!

Deck-based mechanics

Every mission will bring you a new deck, with powerful skills and specialized play styles that capture the many combat styles inspired by the French Revolution. Burn your enemies as Whiskey Firebreath, sneak into the brawl as Cutthroat or disorientate your enemies when playing the Saboteur deck.

Alternative French Revolution

With characters loosely based on real historical figures, you will explore a world that blends cosmic horror elements with Revolution's time setting, events, and locations. Your progress will be reflected by the surroundings - the longer the rebellion carries on, the more visible the chaos.

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